March 26–28, 2025 г.  |   EXPOCENTRE, Moscow

Exhibition news

Feedback from exibitors CristmasBox Gifts Spring 2023

Marinicheva Natalia, TRIUMPH NORD

«Many thanks to the organizers of the HouseHold exhibition! Everything for the exhibitors is organized professionally. I was pleasantly surprised by the large number of various companies’ representatives. And as usual, there were also our new clients».

Krasnogorova Elena, Factory Biryusinka

«I liked everything very much, so far orders from the exhibition have not arrived, but the discussion is underway, I hope we will get new buyers. The first day was the most productive, many people were interested in our products. We got the impression that the visitors were 80% interested in new suppliers, and not just came to look. We will definitely come back next year».

Tatyana Andrienko, Russian Doll Manufactory Cherepanova and Partners

«For us, this was the first participation in ChristmasBox Gifts and therefore there was no clear idea about the visitor profile of the exhibition, we focused on a different target audience. We work mainly not with retail chains and buyers, which accounted for the majority of visitors, but with corporate clients and large advertising agencies for the manufacture of gift products to order. I think that for manufacturers, who have mass production, a well-established system of wholesale prices and the main strategy is to sell products through retail chains, dealers, etc., i.e. not through their retail sales channels – this is a good opportunity to express yourself and find partners».

Margarita Grass, Davici Company

«At this exhibition, we always get huge pleasure. It's so nice to meet so many vivid, beautiful, successful people, and catch a match, that their values coincide with ours, that now it's important for people to do something meaningful, sincere, warm. Just in our company, we have created puzzles with such content. We really love what we do. And we invite you all, when there is an opportunity, come to the exhibition and have fun! It's great here! Here you will find like-minded people, colleagues, partners, come».

 Maxim Plys, Development Director at Max Christmas

«We apparently have the biggest creative booth and a lot of people this time. Due to various situations we have not exhibited for a long time, about 3 years: due to Covid-19 and other reasons. Decided to show up again this spring. Amazing, a lot of visitors, we are very pleased that we have come, because there were really low expectations - we thought there would not be many people, but we really had a lot of people interested in our products, so everything is wonderful. We will come next year for sure. For our industry, exhibitions are very important, because a Christmas tree is a product that needs to be presented to public. It is very difficult to buy it on the marketplace, it is very difficult to buy it online without touching it, without trying it. Because a Christmas tree is part of the interior, it is part of the space where it stands, where it is presented, and it is very important for a person to understand how this model will fit into his interior. Therefore, exhibitions are very important in terms of presenting and displaying products, so that people can see what kind of product it is, test & try it (some take a twig and touch it “by the tooth”, because they don’t understand whether it is alive or not). Exhibitions are great!».

Ustinov Leonid, OOO ZIMA

«The exhibition went well, there were many targeted visitors. The venue was successful».

Arkhipov Yuri, commercial director of the company Miland

«We have already exhibited at the Christmas Box exhibition 3 times, and the impressions are always very positive, it is very nice to see our customers, this is already a traditional meeting ground for us. The exhibition once again pleased us, we are very satisfied. This year, at the Christmas Box spring exhibition, we brought our newest products, wonderful New Year's dolls: Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, with a wonderful new voice acting, and a new lineup, as well as new designs and models of goods with the symbol of the coming year - this is a dragon. Our unique competitive advantage is that we develop a unique product that is not on the market. Therefore, the visitors who came to us, I think, were satisfied with what they saw. Exhibitions are needed in order to look each other in the eyes, to meet with clients, since our company is located in Rostov-on-Don, we have difficulties with air traffic, so it is very important for us that we can here in Moscow on an open platform to meet with all our partners, who are now problematic to get to us».


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